Aurora CO Tragedy

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Aurora Colorado Tragedy

Posted on July 20, 2012

Our prayers and actions are with those in this tragedy today in Aurora, Colorado. May Godly richly comfort them through these hours, days..and years of mourning and changes. Mourn with them. Romans 12:15

Lord, Be their HOPE as you have been ours. Psalm 71:5

Human nature is so depraved, we hardly know the depths to which we might fall. The dark face of evil knows know bounds in its deception and reach into the hearts of mankind, without the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ intervening.

Posted by CitiIMPACT Ministries (IMPACT Ministries): (CitiIMPACT web site
“A youth group from Littleton, CO recently served with CitiIMPACT in Joplin.

“I checked in with Dave, the leader this morning and  he says,
“Thank you, still trying to assess “damage” to my kids. Please hold our community in prayers.” “
(The group served in Joplin, MO with us at the same time we were shipping fire relief supplies to Colorado.)
Let’s continue our prayers together for those mourning these incomprehensible losses.

Peace be with you all as you cling to your loved ones a little tighter today. Redeem the time and times. Arise Prince of Peace.    JD Smith


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'm a child of God, husband, father, son, brother, friend. I serve people in Intentional Leadership and Inspirational articles written here to help you lead with inspiration. CitiIMPACT Ministries FACEBOOK TWITTER
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